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Zvonimir Ivisic Versus Other UK Giants

One of the most exciting things about Kentucky commit (as of this morning) Zvonimir Ivisic is not just his ability to shoot midrange shots, nor his ability to protect the ball while dribbling as a lengthy center, but is his freakish height. I'm sure this isn't news to you that he's 7-foot-2, but it is news to you on where he ranks all-time vs. former Wildcats in terms of height. Let's compare.

No. 1 - Shagari Alleyne 7'3"

(Image via Walter'sWildcatWorld)

No. 2 - Zvonimir Ivisic 7'2"

(Image via FIBA Basketball)

No. 3 - Jared Carter 7'2"

(Image via UK Athletics)

No. 4 - Tom Payne 7'2"

(Image via Big Blue History)

No. 5 - Lukasz Obrzut 7'1"

(Image via Getty Images)

No. 6 - Sam Bowie 7'1"

(Image via Coach

No. 7 - Aaron Bradshaw 7'0"

(Image via UK Athletics)

No. 8 - Olivier Sarr 7'0"

(Image via UK Athletics)

No. 9 - Isaac Humphries 7'0"

(Image via AP Photo)

No. 10 - Dakari Johnson 7'0"

(Image via Getty Images)

No. 11 - Willie Cauley-Stein 7'0"

(Image via Draft Express)

No. 12 - Bill Spivey 7'0"

(Image via T-Bomb/Pinterest)

This list goes far beyond my knowledge, and I have to give the credit towards UK Statistician Corey Price. He's a tremendous follow and provides random and valuable tidbits online surrounding UK Athletics. I recommend you follow him like I do, with this link.

I must say, I am very jealous of each and every athlete on this list. Since I was a young boy I always wanted to be freakishly tall. I wanted to be that guy that when he walked in the room, everyone would be like "who is that??" Instead, I've settled for a quarter inch above (yes, it counts) 6-feet tall. I've been this height since high school and it's done me just fine, but trust me, I wish that I had hit that seven-foot mark at some point but sadly that will never happen.


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