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CC Staff Predictions: Kentucky vs Iowa

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

2022 will cap off the same way it started, with a bowl matchup between Kentucky and Iowa.

This a true exhibition matchup, as both the Wildcats and Hawkeyes will both be without key contributors, due to opt outs and transfers. Young players will be looking to make a name for themselves on a national television stage on ABC, starting at Noon EST. With nothing to expect, other than a low scoring game, here is how the Cats Coverage crew sees it:

Braden Nevius

Kentucky - 9

Iowa - 3

J.R. Simpson

Kentucky - 17

Iowa - 9

Jordan Mathus

Iowa - 17

Kentucky - 14

Janson Hoskins

Kentucky - 16

Iowa - 12

Tres Terrell

Kentucky - 21

Iowa - 14

Matt Sak

Kentucky - 17

Iowa - 14

Go Big Blue!


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