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CC Staff Predictions: Kentucky vs Tennessee

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

As Tennessee pulls out the all-black attire for their Super Bowl against Kentucky, the Wildcats are looking to ride some momentum coming off of their much needed bye week.

The 19th ranked Cats and the 3rd ranked Vols are looking to repeat last season's 45-42 thriller in Lexington, which saw Hendon Hooker and Tennessee survive in Lexington. Kentucky will be looking to return the favor this season in Knoxville. How confident are we in the Cats? The results were mixed.

Braden Nevius

Kentucky - 37

Tennessee - 48

Tres Terrell

Kentucky - 34

Tennessee - 31

J.R. Simpson

Kentucky - 31

Tennessee - 28

Jordan Mathus

Kentucky - 31

Tennessee - 41

Matt Sak

Kentucky - 35

Tennessee - 34

Janson Hoskins

Kentucky - 31

Tennessee - 37

Kickoff is at 7 PM on ESPN with Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstriet on the call. Time to shock the nation.

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