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Colin Goodfellow Out For The Rest Of Season

Kentucky punter Colin Goodfellow cemented his legacy in UK football on Saturday as he sacrificed his body (literally) for the sake of his teammates.

As you can see in the game clip below, Colin Goodfellow had to chase down a bad snap and bail out his long snapper, rushing to pick up the football and all in one motion making the turn in hopes of getting a very difficult punt off, which resulted in him getting absolutely destroyed by the Missouri player and ultimately having to get carted off the field to not return.

Kentucky football head coach Mark Stoops announced Monday morning that the punter would be out for the rest of the season, undoubtedly. "He made a tremendous play for us at that moment, but unfortunately he took a serious injury and will be out for the remainder of this season."

Kentucky's special teams sure has been brutal to watch this season, but in an unfortunate way, they were celebrated Saturday in honor of Goodfellow's game-saving instincts that put the Wildcats back in the win column for their bowl-clinching sixth win of the season.


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