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John Calipari Wants Louisville At Home The Next Time They Tip-Off

For the first time 39 seasons, Kentucky versus Louisville will not be played in the sport of basketball - that is, for now.

Monday afternoon the schools announced that the annual rivalry game, arguably the most important game of the season (for bragging rights of course), would be postponed due to a covid outbreak within the Louisville program. The Kentucky-Louisville rivalry has been played every year since the 1982-83 season, putting a halt on the series until likely next season.

Kentucky has scheduled Western Kentucky University to fill in their spot, making their first trip to Rupp Arena since 2006, when you have to go back to two coaches ago of being at the helm for the Wildcats.

John Calipari, first time opponent of WKU in Lexington, says he is happy that they have found a quick replacement considering how quick it had to happen, and that they're doing it for a good cause, but that he would reschedule the Cardinals if the opportunity is available to do so this season. “Well, if there’s cancellations and there’s an opportunity, obviously we’d play it. But we just don’t know where this is all going.” Continues by saying, "I’m worried, just like I was last year, of mitigating and having every opportunity for our team to play basketball games. I’ve got people’s children under my care, and that’s my first thing that I worry about."

If the game does not get rescheduled this season, John Calipari has a demanding request; the game be played in Lexington like it was planned for this season. "It should be played here. I mean, didn’t we do that in football? So, I imagine we can do it in basketball.”

I agree. He isn't take some high road in that approach, and for a rivalry that is a home-and-home each year, if it gets skipped one year, it should pick right back up where it left off. So, although we might not get to see Chris Mack drowning in the sea of blue packed inside of Rupp Arena this season, we will at some point, and it will be just as fun putting the beating on them then.



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