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Josh Paschal To Enter The NFL Draft

After 40 career games and 25 starts, it looks like Josh Paschal's beloved career at Kentucky has come to an end.

The defensive end from Maryland spent four long and successful years in Lexington, helping build this program to where it's at now. A lot of credit deserves to go to him and others from that 2016 class as they helped pave the way.

Josh suffered from a minor injury that took place during the Louisville game, and wasn't expected to play in the Citrus Bowl on Saturday. He was seen working out with the team during the prep for the Iowa game, but did not get any time on the field. His rehab looks to be going great, and he'll be perfectly ready in the following months to go impress NFL teams as he enters his name into the NFL Draft.

Josh Paschal managed to rack up 52 tackles and five sacks this season.

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