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Kenneth Horsey: "We're A Team That Does Not Like Tennessee."

With a team in dire need of an emotional swing of events hosting a border-rival this weekend against Tennessee, experienced veteran Kenneth Horsey had no problem in telling local media his true feelings on a rivalry he has played in since the 2020 'COVID season.'

As a Sanford, Florida native, it appears the 6-3 311-lb offensive guard has adopted the rivalry and is using it as fire to motivate the younger players with not as much history in the yearly border battle. "A lot of these guys don't really understand it, only being around a couple of years but I've been able to see from the fans and gain experience... I was on the team that went out to Neyland and beat them in Tennessee."

After reminding fans and media alike of the blowout win in Neyland in 2020, Horsey made sure to let us know his true thoughts on Tennessee. "It's getting the guys to understand that it's not an ordinary game... This is already an exceptional team but now this is an exceptional team that does not like us a lot, and we're a team that does not like Tennessee."

Kenneth Horsey went on to say he had a chance to speak in the infamous players-only meeting last week in which he let his teammates know he's been around teams that have faced different levels of adversity during his tenure at Kentucky dating back to 2018, but the trend he has noticed was how the better teams ended up being based on how the individuals handled their accountability, a conversation we've all heard as of late.

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