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Kentucky Offers In-State Prospect Seneca Driver

Vince Marrow along with the rest of the Kentucky football staff have always made it a priority to lock down the most talented in-state recruits. Last week we found out that they are already looking to the future as they extended an offer to Pulaski County native, Brady Hull. However, Hull wasn't the only in-state recruit to get an offer from the Wildcats this week.

Seneca Driver, a 6'6" two-hundred-pound athlete out of Danville, Kentucky also received an offer from Kentucky. Both Hull and Driver are a part of the 2027 class, with Driver currently playing high school football for Boyle County. If you keep an eye on High School football throughout this state then the last name "Driver" may sound familiar to you as Seneca's older brother, Brock, also has numerous offers for the class of 2025, including one from Kentucky.

Unfortunately though due to an injury, Seneca spent a lot of time as a freshman either sidelined on crutches or in a walking boot. This must not have played too much of a factor into the future though because not only Kentucky offered, but also West Virginia and EKU extended their official offers as well. I do not believe Louisville has extended an offer yet but I would not expect them to be far behind with one.

Just like the other 2027 class recruit, Brady Hull, Seneca doesn't have any rankings next to his name just yet because of having a decent amount of time away from the field. From what I have seen with some of his highlight videos, I am really excited to see how he can develop over the next three seasons. An athlete of that size as a sophomore in High School is quite impressive and it will be interesting to see how coach Justin Haddix uses Driver in the upcoming season.

Here are a couple of clips of Seneca Driver to get a feel for yourself. The top one is a score on defense from an interception that he was able to run back for a pick-six. The second one is him on offense as a tight end where he managed to land a beautiful grab that resulted in a touchdown as well.

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