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Kentucky Ranked In Latest AP Poll

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Cats are back in the ranked category of the world this week as they head to take on undefeated Georgia on the road. The Bulldogs, who are ranked No.1 overall and are 5-0, will try to stay perfect as Kentucky fights to knock them off and defend their perfect record as well.

Last week, Kentucky was just outside the AP top twenty-five at No. 27 overall which then was followed up on Saturday with a win over the Florida Gators who were ranked at 25th overall. Now, with a 2-0 slate in the conference and a perfect five wins in five weeks, the Wildcats have climbed on in to the top twenty-five at No. 20. Here is the poll as it sits today.

  1. Georgia

  2. Michigan

  3. Texas

  4. Ohio State

  5. Florida State

  6. Penn State

  7. Washington

  8. Oregon

  9. USC

  10. Notre Dame

  11. Alabama

  12. Oklahoma

  13. Washington State

  14. UNC

  15. Oregon State

  16. Ole Miss

  17. Miami

  18. Utah

  19. Duke

  20. Kentucky

  21. Missouri

  22. Tennessee

  23. LSU

  24. Fresno State

  25. Louisville

Alabama is outside the top-ten, Georgia is holding down the throne at the top, and Louisville made it into the rankings as well. Kentucky is ahead of Tennessee, Missouri, and LSU, while being tied at first in the SEC East standings as well.

This is that time of the year where the cream of the crop starts to weave itself out from the rest and I think we're on official watch to determine what exactly this team can accomplish if they keep this trend going. I wouldn't hold that to me as much this week as I would normally expect you to, but for the rest of the season, the Cats could really knock down some doors by taking out Missouri and hopefully one of the two in Georgia or Tennessee as they approach the second half of the schedule.

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