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Ray Davis Picks Kentucky

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

The staff at UK is using the transfer portal to their advantage. After making strides in every necessary group with additions from the transfer portal, Kentucky will add running back Re'Mahn "Ray" Davis to the 2023 UK Football roster.

If the name seems familiar, Davis has already played in the SEC two seasons, including two 900+ yard seasons at Vanderbilt. With two full seasons of eligibility left, the star already has experience at two different universities. Davis started his college career at Temple, scoring 8 touchdowns in his freshman year. After a season of being underutilized, Davis jumped to Vanderbilt, playing in the greatest conference in college football.

The last time Davis played a game in Lexington, he rushed 26 times, with one touchdown, and a game long run of 45 yards. With offensive coordinator Liam Coen coming back, a revamped offensive line and a veteran SEC running back, the only question on the offensive side of the ball is who will be under center.

The San Francisco product will begin spring camp with the immediate ability to grab the starting role at running back in the fall. Kentucky will return super-senior Ramon Jefferson as well, following his torn ACL on the first snap of his Kentucky football career last season. Add to that mix JuTahn McClain and you have a nice depth chart at running back. One thing is for sure, the dice are HOT!!!


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