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Ray Davis To Play in East vs. West Shrine Game

It was announced yesterday that current Kentucky senior running back, Ray Davis, has accepted an invitation to play in the East vs. West Shrine Game this year. This game is of course after the NCAA regular/bowl season games are finished and is a good opportunity for top-tier players to display their talents to NFL scouts as they look to continue their football careers to that next level.

Davis has had an extremely successful season with Kentucky as he has rushed for 929 yards thus far, as well as, 259 receiving yards as a 'Cats. He also has a combined 16 rushing and receiving touchdowns on the year. With Kentucky still having two more regular season games left (two road games against South Carolina this Saturday and at Louisville the following weekend), he'll have the chance to pad these already impressive stats even more.

However, one has to wonder if the decision for Ray Davis to play in the East-West Shrine Game may play a factor as to if he will make the decision to play in whatever bowl game Kentucky plays their way into. A lot of times we see players that have a good draft stock decide to opt-out of playing in their bowl games and this is becoming more and more common as they don't want to take any chances of getting injured prior to the NFL Draft. This is just something that we will have to wait and see on.

Also, this leaves the door open for speculation as to if Davis is considering foregoing his last year of college eligibility with Kentucky. Ray started his collegiate career with the Temple Owls before transferring to Vanderbilt, and now with Kentucky. Maybe he is ready to make the next big step in his professional playing career and one can't blame him if he does. Davis has paid his dues and honestly I see a very realistic possibility of him getting drafted. If that is what is best for him and his family, I will support the young man.

All of that being said, enjoy the last two to three games that he will be suited up in a Kentucky uniform because ultimately who knows if Kentucky will have him on next year's team or not. He has done an excellent job filling the shoes of former Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez and he deserves all the recognition that he can get.

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