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Recap Of Kentucky's Thrilling Win Over No. 10 Louisville

This was definitely a tail of two halves, Kentucky managed to keep it close in the first half as the Cardinals only led the Wildcats 10-7 at halftime. Kentucky and Louisville then proceeded to trade blows in the second half as the Wildcats and Cardinals went back and forth scoring at will. Kentucky wide receiver, Barion Brown, contributed to this as he managed to take a kickoff to the house for 100 yards in the third quarter to keep the Cats in the game 17-14.

Devin Leary and Ray Davis wanted in on the action as well and Leary connected with Ray Davis for a twenty-yard touchdown.

Late in the fourth quarter Kentucky Linebacker, JJ Weaver, recovered his second fumble recovery of the game (one from Jack Plummer and one from Jawhar Jordan) which then managed good field position for Leary and Kentucky's offense. Kentucky running back, Ray Davis, ran for a 37-yard touchdown that put Kentucky up 38-31 with just over a minute left in the game.

Kentucky definitely didn't come out to a fast start in this one however once they got into a rhythm the offense today looked like it was firing on all cylinders. Besides the late interception by Leary in the fourth quarter, this second half of football was some of the best that we have seen all season long. Kentucky improves to 7-5 on the season and Kentucky extends their streak of beating two top-25 ranked opponents in a season to four consecutive seasons.

JJ Weaver was your MVP of today's game and was awarded the Howard Schnellenberger Award in the form of the coveted Louisville Slugger baseball bat. You love to see that from a kid from Louisville whose big-time plays made all of the difference in today's game in the battle for the Governor's Cup.

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