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Revamping The Big Blue Wall: What's Next?

Following 2023 UK Media Day, I'm left feeling very confident about the way Zach Yenser and his group of linemen feel as we kick off the 2023 season. After 6th year senior Marques Cox stepped on campus for the first time as a Kentucky Wildcat, he quickly became observant of the legacy built by John Schlarman. As said best by Cox himself, he's a teammate before anything else and proved it again today: "it's not for me, it's for them."

When asked about bringing the culture of the Big Blue Wall back to what it was previously, the NIU transfer followed up with a statement only to make the BBN feel confident. "We took a lot of pride into revamping the Big Blue Wall. Coach Yenser takes a lot of pride - Eli and Horsey. I didn't know (Schlarman) personally but with their stories and how they tell me how the Big Blue Wall was created; I take that to heart."

With Courtland Ford, the main goal is to 'keep Devin (Leary) clean' and unscathed from opposing defenses. In addition, Ford says the depth on the offensive line as a group is solidified. "With the depth being deeper than it was, it's been nothing but inclining changes but being able to see that... and all of the vets previously that know the standard, we're just trying to break past that standard point and reach our goals."

After speaking with Ford, I got the sense that he wants the challenge of switching from one side of the line of scrimmage to the other. The USC transfer told media today that he still isn't completely comfortable in his spot at right tackle after playing left tackle and guard at USC, but was still a 'smooth transition.' Ford said after that his transition is something that takes repetition to get the grasp of as he tries to get his right set the way his left set was prior. With both Cox and Ford spending last season rehabbing injuries, the sure-to-start tackles seem eager to get out on the football field.

As always, you can catch the full interviews of Cox and Ford on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a moment of Kentucky football action.


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