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UK Releases Updated Statement Regarding Zvonimir Ivisic

The Big Z situation is still unfolding day by day and the timetable of when he'll actually play a game for the school is still unknown. On Thursday morning, one day after UK's Media Day, the school put out an updated official statement regarding his status.

"As a department, we want to clarify, Zvonimir Ivišić has been cleared to practice and play in all intrasquad games. That said, he can not compete against outside competition, including exhibition games, until he is approved by the NCAA. There was miscommunication in this regard and, as we always do, we plan to adhere to NCAA rules. Until he is fully cleared, Zvonimir will be withheld from games against outside competition."

So this essentially means that we won't see him play for the near future. Tomorrow is Kentucky's first exhibition of the season versus Georgetown College and as you just read, he will not be allowed to play. You might as well also rule him out from the second exhibition coming against Kentucky State that is just 6 days later.

This is frustrating news because we all would like to see him play, especially with the limited depth for big men currently due to the injuries from Aaron Bradshaw and Ugonna Onyenso. I do believe he will play this season and that this will not be a repeat of the Shaedon Sharpe saga. Zvonimir is here, he's practicing with the team, he's excited to be here, and John Calipari has advocated for him just as much as the next guy. I just think with him being an international recruit things are getting a little complicated. Only time will tell and honestly no ones knows when he'll get to suit up for Kentucky otherwise the staff would put that out to assure fans not to worry. I don't think worrying helps, but I understand why fans are. I think the staff is doing a much better job keeping us updated with each step of this process so keep that in mind because they could go silent if they wanted to. And, one of the most important notes from all this, is that it's the NCAA holding things up not a Kentucky thing. So they can only do so much besides abide the by the rules they are given. I guess we'll just have to be a little more patient with this one.

We spoke with the Croatian recruit yesterday at UK's Media Day where he discussed what it's been like coming to America and joining the men's basketball program here at the University of Kentucky. He seems really happy to be here and eager to play. Take as second and listen to his own words on our YouTube channel.

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