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WATCH: What do you think of John Calipari's cryptic message?

Last night John Calipari released a cryptic message on his Twitter account, and many people are trying to figure out which answer is right on what he's referring to.

Lets take a few steps back. UK and UofL have been going back and forth for a few weeks on scheduling the annual rivalry game, and at some point it looked like it wasn't going to be played this year.

Read the earlier post to get caught up on the situation:

After Chris Macks video last week, taking a "shot" at Kentucky, Cal responded with a tweet saying, "See you December 26th. Can't wait!" While some thought that Cal didn't 'get him back' the right way, and were wanting some more gas to be thrown on the fire, we might've finally got it.

John Calipari released this really odd video last night, with some sped up words.

This morning, the Courier Journal's Jon Hale, slowed down the video of Cal where you could actually understand it.

It appears that he says, “Let’s start with this. How about these guys? How about this guy here in the Finals. Are you? What! Yeah. It is crazy right now. Scheduling? The guy out west, he’s nuts! He’s out of his mind!

While some fans believe this is just hyped up, and not actually about Chris Mack and Louisville, that its about the Los Angeles Lakers (Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis) being out West and close to winning the NBA Finals, others think its taking a shot back at Chris Mack since Louisville is west of Lexington.

Either way, this is hilarious, and we'll only know the real answer when Cal meets with the media next or Chris Mack drops another video. I wonder which will come first.

Swaggy Cal is BACK!



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