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CC Staff Predictions: Akron vs. Kentucky

Kentucky is a week away from opening SEC play in Nashville against Vanderbilt. Before that, the Wildcats must put their attention on the Akron Zips out of the MAC.

This Kentucky team is hungry to prove they can put away an inferior opponent early, and there is plenty of emotion given events that took place in the program this weekend. Offensive coordinator, Liam Coen, had a health scare earlier this week that lead to a stay at UK Chandler Hospital. During Monday's press conference, you could see the emotion on Coach Stoops' face when addressing the situation. Just days later, Coen is out of the hospital and ready to call plays on the sideline tomorrow night.

Given all this, I once again asked the staff their final score predictions. Here are the results.

Braden Nevius

Akron - 10

Kentucky - 48

Tres Terrell

Akron - 10

Kentucky - 42

Jack Wagner

Akron - 13

Kentucky - 35

Janson Hoskins

Akron - 13

Kentucky - 31



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