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Did Ugonna Actually Rip Oscar's Shirt?

If you were like me, when you first saw the picture of Oscar Tshiebwe in a ripped shirt in practice, you thought to yourself, "Did Ugonna Onyenso, in his first practice as a Kentucky Wildcat, just rip the shirt of the defending National Player of the Year?"

I just had to know. So at Kentucky Basketball Media Day, after all the "important" questions like how is he enjoying UK and what are his thoughts on the team, I asked him if he was the culprit of the ripped Oscar Tshiebwe shirt.

Did Oscar actually rip his own shirt? Or is Onyenso covering up for himself? The world may never know. But I do know that Onyenso is the tallest person I have ever seen in person in my entire life. And if he continues to go hard in practice against the best player in college basketball, it is only a matter of time before he becomes a high impact player for Kentucky.



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