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John Calipari Expects a 2 Seed For Kentucky In the NCAA Tournament

With under an hour till Kentucky tipped-off against Tennessee in the conference tournament, ESPN Bracketologist, Joe Lunardi, said he would put Kentucky as his last overall 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament tomorrow during the bracket release, no matter what the result was (for Kentucky) in the SEC Championship game had they made it.

Unfortunately, the Cats fell to the Vols 69-62 in the Semifinals, likely ending that scenario for their projected seeding. They'll now head home and start prepping for the real tournament which begins on March 15th.

In John Calipari's postgame press conference, he was asked where he thought his team would end up during Selection Sunday if he had to guess. "My guess is it will be a 2 seed. I don't know, I'm not in that room. My guess is it will be a very hard path, because it always is."

While there is a lot of truth to that statement, we will know for sure the actual truth tomorrow evening when the committee releases the official NCAA Tournament bracket. The broadcast starts at 6 pm EST on CBS, and the field of 68 will be announced.

This is your guide to where the teams will be headed to once everything's announced.



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