Kentucky Listed As A 2 Seed In NCAA Tournament

Updated: Mar 21

The news we've all been waiting for. March is here - for real this time. It is officially NCAA Tournament season.

With Kentucky finishing the season at 26-7 overall and 14-4 in the Southeastern Conference, finishing in the Semifinals of the SEC Tournament, has earned them a 2-seed in the big dance. The top 2-seed to be exact. They'll be placed in the East Region of the bracket, paired with Baylor (1), Purdue (3), UCLA (4) and many of others.

They had a chance to be the last overall one seed had they made it to the SEC Championship game this afternoon, but with that not happening, they'll have to 'settle' with a two seed tab.

As the rest of the bracket unveils, we'll have it posted. It'll include Kentucky's first matchup of the tournament, the entire bracket, and the city they'll be headed to. Let's do some dancing.

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