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Sahvir Wheeler Tabbed To Bob Cousy Award Watch List

Kentucky's likely starting point guard for this season, Sahvir Wheeler, has been named to the Bob Cousy Award watch list... once again.

Returning for his super senior season, our point guard has been tabbed as one of the favorite projected point guards in the entire country for yet another year. The Bob Cousy Award is given at the end of each season to the player from the point guard position who excelled the most across the sport. So, now being pointed as possibly that for another round, that has to mean he's good, doesn't it? There's a section of this fanbase that absolutely hates him for some odd reason, which I do not understand, and I know he has some flaws in his game, name a player that doesn't, but I believe his positives outweigh his negatives by a lot and when you add in his ball security, controlling speed, along with his extremely accurate and infamous "hook layup" as called by yours truly, I'd rather have him on our team than not and the point guard experts seem to agree as well. So, if you're not on board, get on it, please.

Many of Kentucky point guards have been nominated for the award over the years, but haven't won out in the standings for the trophy. The last Kentucky guard to win the award was Tyler Ulis in 2016, which is pretty good company to be associated with if you ask me.

After averaging 10.1 points and 6.9 assists (3rd in the country) a game for 30 complete outings, and shooting a steady 44% from the field for 31.2 minutes a night, I could understand why the committee would pick him, I repeat, again, for this prestigious award.



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