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Mark Stoops Comments On Liam Coen's Health Scare

As many know already, Mark Stoops likes to keep things in house for the most part. The good thing is, he's always honest about stuff, so I feel. I'd lean to think the rest of the media who cover Kentucky Football as well would say so also. That may even mean not answering questions with the information that reporters might wan't from asking, but he'll do it in a way that's upfront and honest by making it clear that he just doesn't want to dive into that subject at the present time. I can respect that. I can definitely respect it even more on this specific situation.

Liam Coen suffered a health scare on Sunday afternoon around his office on campus. You can read about that here with the official statement from the school as well. Today during Mark Stoops' weekly press conference to preview the upcoming game, he was of course asked about it first thing.

Mark Stoops quickly addressed it saying that he didn't want to go into specifics about it, but that "We will be fine. We have it under control." He also said that the progress of Liam's recovery is going "good" and the staff still expects him to be released from the local hospital later today.

Stoops was also asked who would be calling the plays this Saturday, assuming that Liam Coen would not be available, which we don't know yet officially. "I'm not getting into any of that," he directly responded. "We love each other and put a lot of pressure on ourselves. So when anything happens to any of our staff members, it's hard." He chose to not go into the specifics during the press conference.

Mark Stoops will be on his weekly radio show this evening from 6-7 where I'm sure the topic will be brought up again. By that time, I'd expect Liam Coen to be out of the hospital and Mark may provide an update then. I have been told that it was seizure related, but I wasn't able to confirm that by a second source so I didn't want to put it out publicly. And of course, it's not good to speculate on these kind of things. I'd rather not break the news from that type of scoop anyways.



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