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UK's Match With Louisville Bumped Up To ESPN

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Kentucky's big matchup with in-state rival Louisville this week has just been moved up to a better broadcast slot! As the game was originally scheduled to be televised on ESPNU at 8 p.m., it has just now been elevated to a 7 o'clock start and pushed over to the ESPN main broadcast channel for Wednesday night.

This is, of course, huge news because it means more eyes on the Cats, as they showcase just how good this program has become in recent years. And, if they can pull of a win over No. 4 Louisville, it will be all over national television.

Craig Skinner has done an unbelievable job at Kentucky and little things like this are the small rewards he and his program have earned along the way. It will be a No. 14 (Kentucky) versus a No. 4 (Louisville) matchup that you have to believe a lot of young, promising high school volleyball players will be watching from all over the world. This could help Kentucky turn some more eyes in terms of recruiting.

I'm so happy to hear this for our program.



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